Flash animation example:

Conceived the idea, created and programmed audio,
included clickable rollover button for re-runs.
Incorporated many assets like this one into layouts.

Director movie on CDRom: "Grains of Truth":

Created interface: Combined access to next level of locations
with a link to the main menu. Incorporated text destinations
within original art work. Included text appearing on rollover of buttons.

Completed project and documentation on time:
Designed navigation and architecture. Originated textural content,
audio and images. Included information, and addressed the gap
between two areas, linking them. Experimented with
incorporating html into Director.

Director CDRom: Time based narrative

Interpreted the brief. Gained approval for concept.
Introduced the storyboard. Communicated and gained approval
for combining work from other original projects into this project.
Originated and included voiceovers, music, sounds, and 3D work.
Achieved a unique, well-rounded production.

Interactive location from above narrative.

Included elements of time-based play,
that must be performed in order to reach next location.
Programmed characters to respond when clicked,
encouraging further exploration and play.

Director CD Rom:
Originated game menu for "Thingtree"

Analysed the needs of potential users.
Conceived the architectural structure and navigation
for the CD ROM. Incorporated a choice of game play locations.
Organized and Included sound and image assets.
Allowed for users to make things happen in their own way,
at each interactive location in the movie.

Conceived this hidden location in "Thingtree".

Planned the layout and assembled all the assets into the layout.
Programmed animated effects that occur on mouse rollover
Gave users control of their own experience.
Implemented drag & drop of images.
Included sound effects and music.

Team work example:
for MuMagic.

Contributed ideas to initial planning.
Accepted responsibility for research.
Liaised with client on content inclusions.
Researched programming solution needed for layout.
Initiated a system for design team to locate or compare images.

Video production with music & ambient sounds.

Achieved solo production, including concept, treatment,
storyboard, shotlist, shooting, and digitizing rushes.
Edited in Premiere, and transferred to CD Rom.