Beetle character from "Thingtree".

Created character directly with the mouse as bitmaps.
Achieved running and disappearing into a crack.
Implemented in an interactive movie location.

An interactive location from "Thingtree".

Originated this idea for pre-schoolers in long day-care.
Animated the boots to dance and to reveal effects on user interaction.
Used in one of the locations in a Director movie.
Included other original surprise and audio effects.

3D Animation: "Moggy"

Designed to complement a 2D interactive time-based narrative.
A 2D storyboard animatic preceded the 3D version.
Designed separate pieces that form into the fish as you watch.
Achieved using Modeller and Lightwave.

2D Drawn Animation Project

This movie introduces the novel Quimby character.
Invented adventures and prepared a storyboard.
Achieved the main drawings and some in-betweening.
Completed experimental movie with timing and motion in Director.
Included original theme music and some sound effects.
Bountiful ideas for further adventures.

Frame from 2D Animation "Four Seasons"

Accomplished in Photoshop.
Designed as a themed animation for a hypothetical restaurant.
Included with a different slant in a Director movie.

Frame from 2D Animation

Amusing animation with a surprise ending.
Chosen for inclusion by compiler of student movie show.
Innovated directly in photoshop and assembled in GifBuilder

Frame 13: 2D Animated button

Designed to invite interaction and exploration in Director movie.
Included colour changes and original audio to invite a mouse click.

2D Animation: "A.I."

Designed intricate animation
which builds up to and reveals a satirical comment.
Achieved as a series of bitmaps. Completed as a Director projector.

Example of team work: Flash web design

Accepted responsibitility for research.
Engaged in consultations with the client.
Participated in regular meetings as one of 13 team members.
Researched under the direction of head designer and project manager.
Initiated the system used to view and choose from scanned images.